PCDiv offers a range of executive coaching options, depending on your specific personal and professional needs.  We provide confidential and personalised coaching sessions aimed at improving performance, enhancing personal development, and enabling effective people management. 

Executive Coaching is for:

  • Aspiring leaders wanting to advance through to the next level of their management development.
  • Managers and executives wanting to improve their leadership and management skills.
  • Anyone who manages other people in the workplace and are accountable for the team’s outcomes.

Format of Coaching:
The following types of coaching are led by an Executive Coach and conducted face-to-face either in person or virtually:

  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Group/Team Coaching

Key Benefits of Executive Coaching

By undertaking executive coaching, you will;

  • Understand your innate leadership, strengths, blind-spots and working style preferences.
  • Gain insight into your leadership style through the lens of others – the person you report to, colleagues and direct reports.
  • Set leadership development goals and receive ongoing coaching to achieve those goals

Work with a skilled leadership coach in a professional and confidential forum:

  • Quickly gain insights to feel more focused and confident and get back on track. 
  • Reconnect with purpose, find your courage and strength to do things differently.
  • Stay grounded whilst wildly busy, feel less isolated so you enjoy friends, family and time out.
  • Recognise the patterns and habits that might be holding you back. 

“We know your brain will be fried a lot of the time.  You are pulled in many directions at once and have conflicting agendas chasing you every day. No one should have to do it alone…”