Family Traditions and Procurement

Have you ever woken up in life and feel like the whole world has changed overnight? Separation, blending families and tragedy can make us feel like the family units that many of us came from are a thing of the past. To often, our family traditions seem like the only things keeping us together, linking our past generations with the bright hopes of our future.

In terms of family traditions, they all have roots in necessity. Over time, that necessity becomes sentimental value, and eventually, it becomes another way for families to relate and connect with each other. In fact, as families evolve and change, those traditions once again become necessities, as they assume new meaning in the context of our need to communicate and understand our loved ones.

A personal example of what I consider a family tradition or something that is of sentimental value for me. As a kid growing up, my nan and pop owned and operated the Great Southern Hotel in George street Sydney. I didn’t go to preschool, I worked, lived and enjoyed some of my best childhood days in this hotel. This to me is important and as an adult now, when I commute to Sydney without fail, I stay at The Great Southern Hotel and I relive my fondest childhood memories. The picture featured is the iconic hotel as it stands today.

If I flip the coin here and say Procurement, how does that link into family traditions? Traditionally, procurement or purchasing has been seen as this beast of cost savings, cost savings and more cost savings. But what about value? We as a profession are better than just cost savings. Sure in some cases cost is the driver, but what about social impact, legacy benefits for future generations, innovation or dare I say it, engaging with your suppliers.

Apple did not create the ipod, a supplier came to apple with the solution. We as a collective are in control of where our profession will go. Dancing within the space of innovation excites me as a procurement professional, ticking boxes and becoming a semi audit function does not!

Together, lets create a new and exciting tradition for our profession. A profession that we all own and hold at that very same level as our family traditions. I challenge you all to share in the comments section below your thoughts on a new tradition and how we can all get there together!

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