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Procurement Uncovered is a new and different way of disseminating knowledge relating to procurement. Procurement Uncovered aims to provide buyers with knowledge on current issues, trends and innovations within certain industries, so they can utilise this information to develop sourcing strategies. On the flip side, we aim to assist the suppliers by providing information from buyers so that suppliers can potentially tender more effectively.

“Bridging the gap between Buyers and Suppliers” is our fundamental goal for our listeners across the globe!

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The Procurement Hot Seat is designed for you; our listeners! If you have a question that you need answered by our special guests, feel free to get in touch. Please note that we only select 3-5 questions from our listeners and your questions will remain anonymous unless expressed otherwise. To submit your questions, please read the upcoming podcasts and click the Hot Seat Icon!

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Procurement & Contracts Division is a team of management consultants based in Melbourne with a market reach nationwide. We work with clients across both the public and private sectors to deliver quality procurement and business outcomes.

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