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Procurement and Contracts Division is experienced in managing probity concerns in all tiers of government. Let us share our expertise with you.We have a carefully considered rationale when it comes to providing probity services. Here is a breakdown of our closely held values:
– Careful planning and risk management at every stage

– Being there every step of the way with clients in order to reach a mutual and beneficial understanding of probity now and in the future

– Giving every customer a sense of value for their money

– Inspiring confidence in the probity process

– Remaining transparent and efficient on every probity issue that may arise

Procurement and Contracts Division considers the following when providing probity advice:


We don’t want you to be in the dark when it comes to probity. Instead, we lay it all on the line and document the reasons for any decisions or advice. This way, you know the Why, not just the What.


If you need some reassurance on the way we’re managing your project during the procurement phase, let us know and we’ll fill you in or provide a mentor

Continuous Improvement

We’re constantly working to improve on the procurement process, passing our input on to reduce probity risk and ensuring we cultivate initiative within organisations to deal with these.


Our agency staff are equipped to confidently handle procurements with minimal issues.


We jump at the opportunity to educate an organisation’s staff on the ins and outs of probity, promoting the best probity practices. We regularly implement our Probity Practice Notes as well as a range of outlines to help staff along the way.

Value for Money

For procurements that are less complex, we ensure that suitably cost-effective and efficient probity practitioner services are used.


Procurement & Contracts Division is a team of management consultants based in Melbourne with a market reach nationwide. We work with clients across both the public and private sectors to deliver quality procurement and business outcomes.

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