Tristan CrossDirector - Fibre Tech Solutions

Fibre Tech Solutions is a small advanced engineering ‘SME’ based in Geelong and Port Adelaide headed up by Director Tristan Cross (Mining Background) and Engineering Support Manager Chris Riggs (Oil & Gas Background). Fibre Tech are working with industry to establish new innovative products utilising ultra high modulus light weight fibre to replace steel cabling, tow ropes, lifting cables and tie down straps and just about anything that is heavy.

Fibre Tech Solution’s products are lighter, safer to use, quicker to apply and more efficient than their steel equivalents. Because of these benefits, their products have the potential to save companies and government significant time and money by reducing maintenance costs, application and labour costs.

Fibre Tech Solutions are currently working with some heavy hitters being the Royal Australian Navy, Department of Defence, the Country Fire Authority, and various mining, transport and shipping companies, who are keen to benefit from the innovation Fibre Tech Solutions products can provide and they are increasing testing of prototype’s for these sector’s.

FIBRE-1Line - Black