About Us

At Procurement and Contracts Division (PC DIV), our mission is to be there for Government departments, agencies, not for profit organisations and private organisations when they need to get the best value out of their procurement.

In 2015, Kris Wozniak, Founder and Managing Director, established PC DIV with one objective, to make the Procurement profession a career of choice, not a career of chance! With every service that we offer surrounded by our mission, our customers enjoy our high level of commitment and desire to succeed with their projects

PC DIV is a reputable procurement consultancy, we specialise in a continually expanding range of services. These include procurement transformations, probity advisory services, certified procurement training and spend analytics.

We have consultants available Australia wide and we would love to assist you on your next project.

Why choose us?

As a Supply Nation Certified Business we can provide the Advice & Education for :

Risk Management and utilizing the Diamond Of Opportunity methodology for organisational gain

Probity as the evidence of ethical behaviour to reduce the fear of action

Procurement & Contracting Procedures & Processes to provide a stronger compliance understanding organisational wide

Supplier diversity has significant and measurable long term business benefits – the data clearly indicates that diverse supply chains are more sustainable, flexible and innovative.

Government organisations of all sizes across Australia are finding that Supply Nation membership is a catalyst for growth and helps procurement teams unlock the potential and value of including Indigenous businesses in their supply chain whilst also helping achieve their Indigenous procurement targets.